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2021 Home Design Trends

Posted: 21.05.28

What is trending in home decor? With all of us spending more time at home, this year’s trends aren’t as much about style as they are about being comfortable in your space. Function is as important as form, and colours and textures that are warm and cozy are topping the charts!

Back To Nature Rooms

Boring beige? Not so, neutrals are in again! Many designers are seeing a renewed interest in varying shades of brown, taupe, sand, rusts and yes - beige. Comforting and welcoming, when combined with other neutrals such as white and grey, nature-inspired colours can add warmth to any space. Moreover, they can serve as the perfect backdrop for artwork, furniture and accessories.

Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Speaking of retro trends, wallpaper and wall paintings are also making a big comeback in reimagined variations of modern textures and patterns. Leaves and florals can be used to bring the outside indoors and provide a fresh introduction to greenery. Lively patterns and dreamy scenery are adorning interiors with all types of escapism themes. This popular trend is a great way to connect to the outdoors, whimsical themes and your favourite vacation spot without ever leaving your home.

Plush Picks

It’s all about the cozy factor! Soft textures that invite an impromptu snuggle session are a la mode right now because they play to the increased feeling of comfort in your home. Pillows and ottomans in sumptuous fabrics, seating that’s upholstered in fuzzy textures, and cushy accessories that engage the senses just make you feel better. Having calming elements in your home can evoke a sense of happiness and elevate your spirits.

Rethinking Traditional

Move over midcentury modern and Scandinavian designs, as homeowners seek an increased feeling of comfort in their spaces, familiarity and functionality are becoming much more important. This year's trends are leaning towards a more traditional style, including things like classic prints, and simple silhouettes. It’s a move from the bold to the familiar and classic traditionalism is all about symmetry. Bringing a sense of harmony and order to living spaces where people can relax and exhale is top of mind this year.

Germ-Free Upgrades

Perhaps it’s not the most exciting of trends but design choices that lessen the spread of bacteria are growing in popularity. In light of recent events, germ-controlling home features like hands-free faucets and trash bins have been getting plenty of attention. Surfaces like non-porous quartz and copper which can prevent the spread of germs are also gaining in popularity as more people search for ways to make their homes healthier and user friendly.

The Home Office

A home office that’s functional and enjoyable has become a game-changer for stay-at-home life. Now that so many people have had to adapt parts of their homes to working spaces, utility has become just as important as the aesthetic. A chair has to be comfortable, light is important and sometimes space has to serve double duty. It’s essential to get the level of practicality and style just right. Investing time into cultivating useful home-life workspaces – large or small –  is an invitation to bring more organization and joy into your home.

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