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Get Connected This Holiday Season

Posted: 20.12.23

Looking for new ways to keep yourself entertained from the comfort of your home this holiday season? Here are a few ideas to bring a bit of fun and adventure into your life!

Tour A Museum From Home

While it’s hard to beat the experience of seeing a famous painting or important artifact with your own eyes, thanks to virtual tours, you can now enjoy art and history from the convenience of your own home. No travel costs, no jet lag and no line ups! A virtual adventure of your favourite museum like the Louvre in Paris, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington and the Vatican Museum in Rome are just a click away (as are dozens of other museums across the globe). Moreover, you can share the experience with your loved ones and make it a family affair without ever leaving your couch!

Visit Your “Bucket-List” Destination

Need a change of scenery? Explore the view from the Eiffel Tower or take a virtual walk among the Pyramids in Egypt. Many of the world’s sought-after destinations offer high-resolution virtual tours that are easily accessible from your laptop, tablet or phone. Discover some of our planet’s most interesting sights and landmarks from home at your own pace and without the crowds. See the Northern Lights in Greenland! Learn about the giant panda population in China… and even get an up-close glimpse through the Panda Cam. The world is your oyster! Your options are abundant and cater to various age groups and interests.

Hone Your Talents

Itching to improve your cooking skills or want to learn to play the guitar? You’re in luck! Online classes are now better than ever and include free and paid options, some with certification potential. Today’s online courses provide flexible schedules, numerous topic choices and offer students the added benefit of learning from home. Interested in health and exercise? Fitness classes have been quick to adapt to the surge of online demands and are now offering online workout courses for varying ages and skill levels. Whether you are up for sharpening your business skills or want to learn a new hobby, venturing into the world of e-learning can be a rewarding experience that’s just a click away.

Host A Virtual Get Together

In the mood for a get-together? With current social distancing rules and recommendations, meeting family and friends in person may not be possible. Enter virtual social events, online gatherings held over video platforms like Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts Meet and similar options. Attend a virtual happy hour, birthday party or card game. Host a family game night with the grandparents. With online meeting capabilities, you can nurture current relationships and build new ones from the safety of your home. Some apps can have as many as 12 different people logged in which is great for large-group get-togethers. If you are single, you may try joining a hobby club or interest group to meet new friends. Whatever your interests are, new possibilities and social connections are right at your fingertips.


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