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When It’s Time To Right-Size

Posted: 20.06.06

The kids have moved out and it’s just the two of you. Or you’re heading towards retirement but still want to own your home Now what? If you're finding yourself with more room than you need in your current home or wanting to save money for other endeavours, moving to a paired home is a smart way to right-size. And just because you’re right-sizing, it doesn’t mean you have to give up what you love!


When compared to a single-family dwelling, paired homes are often more affordable and offer a similar number of beds and baths, quality specifications, private yard, garage and community amenities. This means you can enjoy a great "at-home-lifestyle" and have additional funds to apply however you desire. Buying a paired home allows you to spend less money on a home and save more money for your future plans. Decorate your new home, take that “bucket-list” trip or put money towards your retirement. There are so many options with what you can do with your savings.

Another draw to side-by-side living is the ability to have family, especially other generations, nearby while saving on your household expenses. You have your beloved family members close by, you all maintain your independence, but everyone has their own private space. Some buyers also find that owning both sides of a paired home can be useful for generating income. You can buy a paired home, live in one side while renting out the other, and use the rent towards the mortgage. The bonus in this scenario? By living next door, you have the ability to watch your investment firsthand.

Paired homes have become a popular housing option across Canada based on their convenience and affordability. Paired homes in Hawks Landing are divided through the middle so each home is side-by-side with flexible floorplans, larger living spaces and exceptional quality finishes. Our new home designs include two-storeys, two-storeys with main floor masters and bungalow ranchers with garages.


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