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Quick Possession or Pre-Sale: Which Is Right For You?

Posted: 20.03.02

When looking for a new home you'll frequently hear the industry terms “pre-sale, new build, spec or quick possession”, but what do these terms really mean? More importantly, how do you know which option is best for you?


Spec homes, also referred to as quick possession homes, are houses where construction has already started. These homes may be nearly complete or at the framing stage, and the lot size, floorplan and finishes are predetermined by the builder. How long a spec home takes to be “move-in ready” depends on what stage the home's construction is at, but typically move-in dates are sooner than pre-sale homes.


Pre-Sale homes or new builds are homes where the buyer personally selects the lot, floor plan and features prior to construction beginning. A pre-sale home is built from the ground up and typically takes between 9 - 12 months to complete once selections are made, but this depends on a variety of factors, like the building process and time of year.


Whether you’d benefit from a having home built for you or from purchasing a builder's quick possession really depends on what features are important to you and how soon you need or want your new home. Here are some key questions to consider:


What’s your timing? If life circumstances simply don’t allow for a longer home selection process, a quick possession may be an ideal match for your situation. Say you sold your last home sooner than expected or you prefer to avoid the selections that come with a new build, quick possessions can offer a huge advantage by making it possible for you to move in sooner and skip the building process. A spec home is ideal if you rank the importance of “time” above “customization”.


However, if customization matters and you’ve always dreamt of adding personal touches to your new home, then a spec may not be the best solution. If customization is your thing, then being on board from start to finish during the building process gives you more control over the finished product. The lot selection, floor plan, features and finishes will all be chosen by you. Plus, if you need time to sell your current home or get your finances in order, a new build may give you more flexibility in that area.


Whatever you decide when purchasing your new home, working with an experienced home builder is an excellent idea. Experienced and reputable builders will give you the peace of mind that your home will be constructed to the highest possible level of quality and satisfaction.


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