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Holiday Tips From Hawks Landing

Posted: 19.12.20

Christmas is a festive time to enjoy the best of the season with family and friends. With the holiday quickly nearing, here are a few ways to hack your holiday feast, so you can get dinner on the table and still have time to kick back and relax!

Prep Ahead

Popular Christmas dishes like yams, gravy, pie crusts and cookies — can be made in advance, frozen and used when needed. Others, like stuffing, can be prepared a couple of days ahead then popped in the oven on the day itself.

Keep it Simple

Take the pressure off yourself and keep things simple. If you’re not expecting a big crowd cook a turkey breast, instead of a whole turkey. Have a potluck or try the local bakery and give yourself a break from baking. The less food prep you have to worry about, the more you can really enjoy the season.

Keep Everyone Busy

Give family and friends something to do while you’re getting ready. Organize an afternoon hike or a spirited board game. Kids can decorate cookies or help to set the table. If you need help with dinner, make up a specific list of "who-does-what" and delegate.

Relax & Enjoy

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let it go and focus on the really important things. You’ve got your loved ones around; people are having a good time - what could be better? The dishes can wait! Take time out and cozy up by the fireplace to savour the moment with loved ones or enjoy some quiet time and just relax!

Whatever your holiday tradition, the Hawks Landing team wishes you and your family a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!

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